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Little Animals

Be the kindness you want to see in others

Our mission is to provide childcare that embraces children’s natural desires to play and explore in natural and inclusive environments, protected from the hurried life beyond our doors. Kids as we all know, growing up too fast, and in these times are making them grow up even faster! We are focusing on slowing things down and taking a calmer approach This will be applied to arts and crafts, to reading, playing and overall. Allowing the children to work on things at their own pace in a structured environment allowing them to stay focused.

Crystal King

Maine Values. Maine Daycare

Hi! My name is Crystal King. Many of you may not be familiar to me in our small town of Boothbay, because I am relatively new to the area. My family and I moved to Maine to be more emersed in the wildlife, among many other things! That is why I have decided to call us Little Critters! I had been out on Maternity leave with my youngest boy when we first moved. When we were all settled in, I went to look for work and I quickly realized, there was a lack of daycare in the area with wait lists for quite a while! With me out of work and a need for myself and the community, I decided to open my own daycare. With having my own children in daycare from a young age, my standards are of the utmost high. I want to run a daycare I would feel more than comfortable with my own children going to.

Little Critters Daycare will work with you and your child to achieve the best start in life. We will guide your child step by step to reach their full potential. We aim to provide high-quality education and care for your child, in a secure and exciting environment. Our service promotes equality and values diversity. We work in partnership with yourselves and outside agencies to support your child with the best possible start in life

Offered Programs


Young Age Childcare (Ages 6 weeks to 2 years)

We aim to provide a home-like environment that is safe, caring, well-balanced and stimulating. Each child is assisted in the development of their identity through guided play.


Early Education Program (Ages 3yrs to 4 yrs)

We aim to provide a meaningful child centered, play based curriculum that builds life skills, independence, confidence and resilience to support each child in achieving their potential and to make a smooth transition to school and society itself. We offer a dedicated preschool program where diversity is embraced and celebrated and where families are welcomed as part of their development to their next big steps towards school.


After School Program (Ages 4-12)

We provide childcare that allows busy parents to feel comfortable that their children are safe and making productive use of their time after school. We focus on helping children with their homework while giving children time to be children in open and unstructured play spaces.



185 Townsend Ave.
Boothbay Harbor, ME


Monday - Friday: am - pm